From Online to Offline & Beyond

WST started as an online store, created mainly as the result of long talks on Skype, when we were still on different continents, studying and exploring the world. What we had, was a mutual understanding of the urge to create it. Simply, because we felt that it was something that was missing at that point in time: a well curated selection of high-quality second hand clothing – online.

After two years of running the online store, we came across that same realization again. This time it was something that was missing from shopping centers: the option of buying second hand.


Simply fueled by imagination, we drafted the idea of having a second hand store in a traditional shopping center, that would combine both online and offline options of shopping for second hand clothing. We presented this idea to the judges of the Citycontest competition and for our thrill: they shared our vision!

We were chosen as the winners of the competition and therefore, were able to make Finnish shopping center history. Having the CEO of Citycon state that it simply makes more sense to re-use items than to buy items that don’t last, was truly music to our ears.

We always wanted to make our concept beyond marginal, so that it is a genuine option to buying new, for anyone. Without compromising style, shopping second hand also needs to be easy and effortless. This way we have a greater impact with what we do. And truly, the best personal victories are always when a customer states that this is their first time buying something second hand.


It is still a bit unreal to see our sign on the halls of Iso Omena and hearing the voice ad of ‘second hand never looked this good!’ and to be literally, a few steps away from H&M.

After the first three months, we once again have a better understanding of what we do. We introduced the possibility to bring items for sale to the store, which makes it possible for the selection to be updated on a daily basis. Day to day, the best part is meeting people and hearing spontaneous reactions: this is exactly what is needed!

Welcome to visit WST Store at:

Shopping Centre Iso Omena, 2nd floor (next to H&M)
Piispansilta 11, 02230 Espoo

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 11-20
Sat 11-18
Sun 12-18

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