About Us


Sara, Marta & Laura

WST stands for We Started This. WST consists of a small team of experts dedicated to provide you with a timeless and contemporary selection of quality second hand clothing online. Second hand clothing can be a genuine alternative to buying new, and that’s why we made it ready-to-wear and easy-to-shop. We carefully hand-pick and quality-check all items in the collection before shipping them your way.

WST was created in 2013 in the basement of two of the founders’ childhood home and part of it is still run from there. The final concept of the online store formed somewhere in between moving from Mikkeli to Hong Kong and coming back to Helsinki, where we are now based in.

We at WST are extremely passionate about what we do. Sara is dedicated to offer you the best selection available, Laura is the creative soul, and Marta keeps everyone focused on why and what they do. Together, we bring the best out of each other.

And most of all, what matters is that we are true to what we do. Part of the reward is that what we do makes sense – also in the bigger context.

Finally, we’de love to be in contact with you. So if you have any questions, thoughts or ideas just contact us at westartedthis@wst.fi and we will get back to you right away! We are easy to talk to (myös suomeksi!).