Marimekko Pilot Project


Inspired by many of Filippa K’s sustainability, second cycle and re-use initiatives, we once stated that Finnish companies as well should be looking into these opportunities. We mentioned Marimekko in an interview about the topic as a perfect case for providing their customers with a way to recycle the Marimekko items that they no longer use. After all, the brand has it all: loyal customers, timeless products (in both quality and style) and a rich history of stories to be told.

Two days after this statement, we received an invitation to come and share our thoughts on the subject to the headquarters of Marimekko.


And so there we were, joined by the Sustainability Manager, sitting on stools, drinking juice from Sukat makkaralla glasses and completing each-other’s sentences about the need for solutions for more sustainable choices in consuming fashion.  

It was exhilarating talking about all the possibilities. We concluded that the best time to start a project like this would have been a while ago, but the next best option, was to start right away.

Say yes, and you’ll figure it out afterwards. Right?

Currently we are running a pilot project with Marimekko, where their employees bring their items for us to sell onwards. We organized two events at Marimekko and were thrilled with the people that showed up, with bundles of Marimekko clothing and simply asking us, what happens next?

We then gathered the items and created a collection that is on sale at our site and store.   

What’s especially inspiring, is having been able to follow the process of going from having an idea and seeing what it takes to get it forward in a large organization, such as Marimekko. The adoption of new ideas always takes time. This case has been the perfect example of what one person can start, and how it can lead to great things when the vision is shared and forces are joined.

The pilot project is a start to what we wish to see as a collaboration that is on the forefront of defining what the future of sustainable fashion may hold.

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